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Why detail your vehicle?
Whether you agree or not, proper care for your vehicle speaks volumes. Employers, business associates, even friends and family really do notice how you care for an important possession such as your vehicle. If that's not enough, here are other important reasons for keeping your car spotless.

Bird droppings on hood
Mother nature will destory your paint.

1) Protection: Your paint finish is your vehicles only line of defense against mother nature and old age. Road de-icer, bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, and gas pump drips are just a few of the many things that will quickly destroy your protective finish if left unchecked. Your best way to combat this is a high quality wax that repels mother nature and helps prevent paint damage.

Washing car
Washing is no longer a chore.

2) Easy to keep clean at home: Once you have your car detailed you will find that your next washes at home are a cinch. The wax will repel dried-on gunk and with proper soap and wash cloth you can bring that car back to a shine in no time. Consider it a second, third or even fourth exterior detail that you can do in minutes!

Car for sale
First impressions matter!

3) Re-sale value: Selling your car is all about first impressions. Many buyers have nearly made up their mind before they open the door. Make that first impression count. Investing in a good detail package will reassure the buyer that you took great care in your vehicle. In many cases, a Jeff's Custom Detailing appointment will make your car look better than the same used cars at the big dealerships.
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